Richard Aillen Taylor Profile

I am a versatile web designer with 10+ years' experience in front end development. A self-taught coder with a demonstrated track record of significantly improving customer response, I have a diverse set of skills, design tight clean interfaces, and never miss a deadline.

Why You Should Hire Him

Richard eats, breathes and is passionate about the work he does. Everything must meet his clients' highest standards and he pushes for unique ideas to come to full fruition. He is classically trained in American style artwork and looks up to illustrators like Mark Schultz, Al Williamson, Frank Frazetta and the Brothers Hildebrandt, who are not only fine artists but also commercial artists who created campaigns that were cutting edge at the time. Inspired by these great artists, Richard strives for all his work to be the best that is possible for him. Also he is self-taught programmer who has stayed on top of trends and new languages and technologies that are the backbone of today's world. He has drive, passion and a solid understanding of the importance of coming in on time and on budget. Plus, he is a goof. That is why you should hire him.